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MessageSujet: RULES OF THE FORUM !!!   Mer 21 Juil 2010 - 12:38

You consent not to post abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, sexual messages, nor messages aiming at defending drugs and alcohol nor any other message which would violate the applicable laws. To do so can lead you to be banished immediately in a permanent way. You agree on the fact that the Webmaster, the administrator and the moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or lock any subject of discussion at any time.

- No insults, no aggressiveness, courtesy above all.

- It is forbidden to post images which can shock and/or are relative to pornography, xenophobia, and which hold incentive for violence or which defend drugs.

- Religious or ideological proselytism is banned.

- Avoid posting the same subject in several forums.

- Before posting a request, check if the subject was not already covered in another forum.

- No reinforcement of messages to increase the tensions between members of the forum.

- No concept of downloading or remote loading.

- The lack of respect towards technical staff will not be tolerated.

- No flood is allowed except in the OTHERS CONVERSATIONS section.

- It is of use to present oneself in the PRESENTATION section before any comments or questions in any topic.

- Advertising is only tolerated in the PUBLICITY section and eventually in the form of a banner in the signature. The SPAM of adverts by personal messages is not tolerated. If SPAM is carried out here for an unspecified site, the staff reserves itself the right to give the following sanctions: 1 warning for the contravener, the suppression of the advertising topic in the PUBLICITY section (if there is such a topic) and a temporary or final ban from having an advert in one’s signature for the accused site (only for the person concerned). The MPs (Personal Messages) of the contravener can also be blocked.

- The soliciting of members for an unspecified site will be regarded as SPAM.

- No information on the private life of a member will be revealed on the forum without his or her assent.

- NEWS Sections should in no case comprise of remarks or other personal criticisms but only NEWS and this in a care for clarity and easy accessibility to information for the members who do not want to seek them while searching repeatedly throughout the forum!!! For any comments there is a REMARKS section on the MC of… each of the concerned MC !!!

- The TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN MEMBERS section is subject to specific regulation which must be taken into account before any transaction.
By inscribing yourself, you hold the responsibility of agreeing with the rules above!!!

If there is any disrespect to this charter, the member concerned will receive a warning. After 3 warnings, it is the partial, or even the final, banishment of the member.


Concerning the signatures and the avatar of your profile.
Dimensions of your avatar and your signature should not exceed following dimensions:



This is set up by respect for the members of the forum and to facilitate navigation on the forum and thus to avoid parasitizing it!!!

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